ATTENTION: Please check the Policies tab prior to making a reservation.

If you are interested in reserving a boat please call (609) 398-1247 and our crewmates will be happy to help.


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Before your reservation, you're asked to read the following instructions on this page. We will go over this information again before your rental, but it is good to have a reference beforehand.

How to operate:

It's a normal key start like a car. The vessel will not start unless the red clip under the ignition is plugged in, that is the kill switch. There is no gas pedal, so the more you push the gear shift forward the faster you will go and the more you push it backwards, the faster will go in reverse. 

Safety Equipment:

The anchor box is located on the front of the boat. Emergency life vests are under the two front seats. The first aid kit, flares, and fire extinguishers are located under the back seat. The life ring and paddle and next to the captains' seat.

While on the water:

Make sure to stay within our boundaries and follow the channel. Most importantly, if anything goes wrong give our emergency phone line a call.