What do I need to drive?

All you need to drive the boats is a valid driver's license from any state located within the United States. NO boaters licenses is required! (MUST BE 21 OR OLDER)

How big is the boat? How many people does it hold?

All boat information and aspects can be found on the Fleet tab. Or click the button below.

What can we bring on the boat?

You can bring coolers, food and beverages. We allow fishing gear on all boats. Please be in mind the driver may not be intoxicated.

Can we pull something off the back of the boat? Or tie up?

We do NOT allow anyone to pull anything off the back of our boats. Rentals also must remain a safe distance apart and may not be tied to another vessel at any time. Our boats may only be docked at our marina.

Is there a ladder on the boat​? Can we swim?

Every boat will have a ladder. You are allowed to swim, but you are not allowed to beach the boat. Must swim in deep waters.

Boats may not be tied up next to other boats or docked without our crews supervision