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Not allowed to go to Deauville Inn

Please stay between the Great Egg Harbor Bridge (Garden State Parkway) and Longport bridge (Ocean Drive Bridge).
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Channel- The green path indicates the channel which is the deepest part of the bay. It is marked by green and red floating buoys. This is the route you should take to avoid getting stuck.

Fishing Area- Most common areas for local fish. We would recommend not using your anchor and shutting off the engine to let your boat drift with the tide.

Shallow- The yellow shallow regions are marked to indicate the area boats frequently get stuck. Avoid these and follow the channel.

Restricted- The red restricted regions are marked to indicate areas out of our rescue zone and are too dangerous to operate our vessels.

Swimming Area- Normally the least populated area in the bay. We recommend swimming where there is no traffic. REMINDER: Shut off the engine and do not anchor while swimming. Especially during strong currents.