Cancellation Policy:
We have the right to cancel and offer refunds due to inclement weather and accidental circumstances. When reserving a boat, you are given a boat with a specific number. If a previous renter gets into an accident or damages the boat we may have to cancel or reschedule your reservation. Please think of these boats as an air bnb, If a previous renter damages the vessel, we have to ensure it is fixed and running properly before we send it back out. 
Rental Hours:
Reservations can only be reserved in 4-hour increments. Unless it is our Bayrider or you call the day before, or day of, the reservation.
In Case of Emergency:
In the case of an emergency while on our boats, turn off the engine IMMEDIATELY and call the emergency line which will be provided by us.
Please look at the Bay Map tab to see our boundaries of the bay. If you are found outside of our safe zones we have the right to terminate your rental with no refund as well as charge for any damages. NOTE: The boats are tracked via GPS
There is a $1,000 charge for cigarette burns and marks on the vessel.
Check out "FAQ" tab for more info